Breeze into your Water Adventures with us!
Bay Breeze Paddle Adventures, LLC offers a 5 Punch Pass Card that you won't find anywhere else! With the 5 Punch Pass Card you will be able to SUP or Kayak five different times while saving money. You can use the pass this time and save the rest of your punches for your next visit because the cards never expire. You can also buy one card and share it among the group that you are with, which is a great deal especially for families! Group rates are available for large groups.
Get Your Adventure Going!
At Bay Breeze Paddle Adventures, LLC we will match the type of
SUP Board, Kayak, or Jet Ski to your level of experience and comfort. Employees will instruct you on how to SUP, Kayak, or Jet Ski and ensure that you feel comfortable before ever reaching the water. We also offer SUP instructional demonstrations at the rental station daily so that you can learn first hand the correct and proper way to SUP so that when you come to rent you are ready to start paddling!

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